It’s a comprehensive, challenging and rewarding role.

What We’re Looking For

  • 01

    • Minimum of high school diploma.
    • Prior experience working with children

  • 02

    • Ability to successfully complete extensive clearance process.
    • Ability to meet health and physical requirements of the position.

  • 03

    • Driving records and credit history in good standing.

  • 04

    • NO PETS are permitted.

Houseparent Key Concepts

We Foster Family

Houseparent’s have a busy weekly schedule with the students. Each weekday they ensure students get ready for school and are appropriately dressed, prepare breakfast, oversee chores, and ensure the students arrive at school on time. During the school day, houseparent’s have unscheduled time, although there are some meetings and training during the school day. After-school time is filled with extra-curricular activities, chores, meal preparation, homework, and relaxation/recreation.

We Require Active Leadership

Weekends allow for a more relaxed schedule, although there is still a need to prepare three meals each day. Houseparent’s are encouraged to plan and participate in healthy student-focused activities. Taking students to youth group on Thursday nights and church on Sunday is required

We Pursue Excellence

Houseparent’s ensure their residences and grounds are in good working order and are kept clean and neat. Houseparent’s oversee a developmentally appropriate chore program that actively engages students in participating in home care, while also learning responsibility. Houseparent’s participate in chore completion with the students.

We Ensure Growth

All houseparent’s are trained to drive the 10-passenger van used for student transportation and must maintain driving records in good standing. Houseparent’s are responsible for most student transportation needs.

We Practice Honesty

Overnight guests must be pre-approved and complete a clearance process. No pets are permitted initially, but once houseparent’s are acclimated with the children, certain breeds of dog are permitted with approval. Drugs, alcohol and weapons are not permitted on campus and will lead to immediate termination. The campus is nonsmoking.

We Create Fun

This is a year round program for the children and a 12 month role for the houseparent position. Houseparent’s receive a two-week vacation in the summer.
Since this is a residential position working with students, the application process is lengthy and rigorous. Candidate couples begin the process by completing online applications.


After an application is reviewed, a candidate couple considered to be a potential match is contacted for a telephone interview. If the phone interview go well, the couple is invited for an on-campus interview. If a candidate couple is seen to be a potential match after the interview, the next step is a rigorous background check that includes multiple clearances and an investigator visit to the couple’s home to meet with them and their dependents. There is also a validation of truthful statements on the application, validation of education, validation of marriage, financial history check, and references checks. Medical checks also are required, post-offer.